You will be aware that any information about COVID-19 has to be signed off by Scottish Government and checked by Health Protection Scotland before it can be published on NHS inform. Many of our contacts have been asking about alternative formats, and I thought I would give you an update about what is currently available on NHS inform.

Information for professionals:

COVID-19 translated posters are available on NHS inform for download, as well as a communications toolkit. Go to: NHS inform - Advice for Professionals

BSL videos

BSL videos are on our YouTube channel ( and embedded on NHS inform. Go to - BSL users can go to the dedicated short URL ( to find all the BSL translations (including COVID-19)

Easy Read

Easy read versions are available on NHS inform. Go to

NHS inform COVID-19 Information

There is also a new landing page for all COVID-19 content, including alternative formats. Go to - it's worth checking this regularly as translations will be added over the next few days / weeks.

NHS Fife
forms are for people within the NHS Fife area

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