British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreters

Our interpreters are registered with either SASLI or NRCPD they work primarily with the Deaf Community and with individuals for whom BSL is their preferred or first language. A BSL interpreter interpret BSL into spoken English for hearing people, and spoken English into BSL for Deaf people. Our interpreters are skill in working in a variety of settings. Through their registration they must adhear to a professional code of conduct and gain Continued Professional Development points annually.

Setting where BSL interpreters would be used:
Here are some examples - this list is not exhaustive

  • Legal settings: Court cases (Crown and/or Procurator fiscal), Police station, Tribunal services, Solicitor appointments.
  • Health Appointments: GP, Dentist, Hospital, Optician, Podiatrist etc..
  • Education: Deaf lectures, seminars, workshops etc..
  • Events: Where a number of different speakers will present.
  • Employment: Job interviews, Staff and client meetings.
  • Council Services: Council appointments and Meetings.
  • Community: Accessing groups, Attending classes.
  • Theatre: Shows, Pantomimes, Musicals, Q&A events, etc..
  • Conferences: If organisers are unsure of access requirements or a number of attendees request access to written notes, communication support etc..
  • Parliamentary Business: For public and private meetings and consultations.

Our other sevices:

Electronic Notetaker
Deafblind Interpreter

If you want to know more and book a service email or call 0345 646 0446