Lipspeakers work with people who use English as their first or preferred language. For example, people who have become hard of hearing or deafened after acquiring a spoken language.

The Lipspeaker will repeat everything that is spoken (without using their voice) by reproducing a clear lip pattern, shape, flow, rhythm, stress and phrasing of speech used by the speaker. Facial expression and supporting gestures will also be produced to convey the message for those who lipread.

Settings where Lipspeakers would be used:
Here are some examples - this list is not exhaustive

  • Legal settings: Court cases (Crown and/or Procurator fiscal), Police station, Tribunal services, Solicitor appointments.
  • Health Appointments: GP, Dentist, Hospital, Optician, Podiatrist etc..
  • Employment: Job interviews, Staff and client meetings etc..
  • Community: Accessing groups, Attending classes.
  • Council Services: Council appointments and Meetings.

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